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The Studio has been founded in 2008 by Nina Reisinger and since then, we focus on good graphic design and illustration. Our main passion though, has always been beautiful print products. We were longing for more freedom and flexibility in printing our own works and that of our friends. thats how the Riso GR 3770 came into our lives and our studio. since then we have been printing for various clients and made them happy.

We offer printsolutions, that are far off mainstream. The risoprints make a haptical and also a visual difference. Our clients come from the berlin art-, culture- and of course the graphic design-scene. We advise and accompany your project until it is printed, and we love the challenge of complex little projects like books, fanzines, postercollections or postcards. With our variety of vibrant colours, we try to make the berlin printscene more colourful. Galleries, bookshops, record-lables, coffeeshops, publishing houses, artists, graphic designers, illustrators: we have printed for a varienty of clients and turned their projects into riso-beauty.

Our Studio in Berlin Neukölln
Here, in a former carpenters place, we work and print since 2011



What is a risograph? How does it work?

Our risograph machine doesnt look too exiting, when you look at it - unlike its results: the printing products that come from our riso are very beautiful. The risograph technique is a duplication technique quite similar to silkscreen. Lets say, it is like an electronic screenprint. You send your digital data through a RIP into the riso. Inside, There is a masterroll - a thin almost seethrough material made from cellulosis. The riso burns the motif into that material by burning mini-holes into it. So now, the color can pass through these little holes while being pressed through the master. Now, it only leaves a mark, if there is a hole. Inside the riso, there is a colordrum containing the color. By turning, the colordrum takes the paper into the machine, presses the color through the master onto the paper - and a print is born.

Every color is being printed in a separate run. So each color means one printing session. By changing the colordrum, the next color is ready to print. Now, we have to rerun the papersheets through the machine. The best results are being archieved with vector graphics, illustrations and type. But also greyscale images create beautiful image results. The printing of photos is no problem at all, it has a special feel to it, that most people who go for risoprinting are aware of, and actually aim for that special look. Risographie is a real alternative to offset-printing - if you want to print small editions, fanzines, posters or postcards in editions between 5 and 200, the risograph is your man for the job!

The color is based on soyaoil. The masterroll is made from cellulosis. So it is - all in all - a very environment friendly job. Especially because we use "ökostrom" - "green energy".


Papersize: max. Din A3
Paperweight: between 60gr and 250gr.
Only uncoated paper possible.
These papers have successfully worked with our riso and we have them in stock: Munken Print white, 90 - 250 gr; Munken Print Cream, 90 - 250 gr; Resa Offset white, matt, 60 gr; Design offset, 90 gr - 160 gr

How to prepare the files

The Files should all be in greyscale or black and white/bitmap. Every color needs to be a separate file. All content needs to be black. Even if it is the "pink" file, the content needs turned to black/greyscales, so we have 100% pink in the end. If you are interested in printing a CMYK-like print, be aware, that the registration is never perfect. so the images/photos will have a very specific touch to it. As we use "fluorescent pink" instead of magenta, the colors become by far more vibrant. It is usually a very charming result. Talk to us, if you need help with setting up your files.

Risograph Specifics

The registration of a risograph is never perfect. There is usually a minimal misregistration with every print. That is of interest, when you want to print multicolor. So if you design your motifs for the print, keep that in mind or even work with it. Another specific diva-like thing the riso does is, that it makes slight marks in the area, where the paper is being grabbed by the printer and sucked into the machine. Due to rubber rolls, that suck the paper in, they sometimes leave little marks in the area of the first five centimeters of the paper. Many people dont mind it, but of you have many colors, it can be a problem.

Which colors do we offer?

These are our colors at the moment:

Our colorpalette
If you rasterize images and graphics, you get some nice shades of the different colours of blue, red, yellow, teal, black, fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange and burgund red.



Fine art editions, self publishing magazines, fanzines, books, posters, comics, illustrations, postcards, flyers, businesscards, letterheads - we print all of these - and more. Your project might be classic or a little more complex - it doesnt matter. We try our best to archive the best results possible and also to help you in your process until the product is finished and you like it. As we have quite a network of bookbinders, screenprinters - and also because we are graphic designers ourselves - your project is at good hands. So we also do offer the handling/binding/cutting a.s.o. of your project. The cost of a project are difficult to estimate in advance. So it is always good, if you send us a mail including the specifications of your project, and based on that, we make a quote for you. We do offer some exclusive risographique-starterpackages though.So ou do get a rough idea about prices. These prices can vary - depending on the nature of your prints.

    Starterpackage «Flyer To Go»

    200 x A5 - 2-color Print onto Munken Print white
    ca. 70 EUR excl. VAT incl. cutting/wrapping

    Package «Bang Bang Business»

    500 x A4 - 1-color print on Munken Print white
    ca. 90 EUR excl. VAT including cutting/wrapping

    Package «Selfpublishing King»

    100 books, Din A5, one color print
    ca. 28 pages onto Munken Print white, 100 gr.
    ca.370 EUR excl. VAT, incl. cutting/wrapping



Constant Change - Magazine, 2/2 colored
A magazine, 3/3 colored (teal, red, black), about random patterns and composition. A cool project by Maik Graf and Florian Bräunlich..

Parvenu - Graphic Novel, 2/2 colored
Graphic Novel, 2/2 colored (teal, fluorescent pink), 32 pages, drawn and composed by great Paul Paetzel.

Die schwarze Botin - Book, one colored
Book, 1/1 (black), with black wire binding, 54 pages, designed by Tilman Schleevogt for Wiener Festwochen, Wien

Voo Store - Poster, 2/0
Poster, two colored (fluorescent pink/blue), for Voo, Berlin

Typeposter - Poster, 2/0
Poster, two colored (fluorescent pink/blue), for Mark Frömberg, Berlin

Sofastories - Book, 5-colored
Book in five colors (fluorescent pink/teal/yellow/blue/red), for Andree Volkmann, Berlin

Matrosen - A Calender, 4-colors
25 Calender in four colors(fluorescent pink/teal/yellow/blue), Illustrations made by Andree Volkmann, Berlin

Einladungsposter Din A3, vierfarbig
100 Einladungsposter in vier Farben (black/teal/yellow/blue), für einen Literatur/Suppenstammtisch in Berlin

55 Hefte, zweifarbig (black/red), 80 seitig. Gestaltet von Christina Ilchmann, München. Inkl. Falzen, Binden und Beschneiden.


Drinnen & Draussen - Chert Gallery - Motto Distribution Berlin
500 Ausstellungskataloge in zwei Farben (black/teal), 58 seitig. Gestaltet von Sam de Groot, Amsterdam.


Nahtloser Übergang - Jr Sewing, Berlin
Flyer und Poster für einen Workshop, 2 farbig (black/teal), A3 auf A5 gefaltet. Gestaltung von Nina Reisinger für Blowup Press.


Duplicata - www.undemi.fr
Flyer für Ausstellung und Workshop «Duplicata» im Aufbauhaus, Berlin. 2 farbig (blue/red), A5 auf Munken Print white. Gestaltung von undemie.fr.



2013 - 10/09
New Color! We now do fluorescent orange! We just recolored a blue colordrum to fluorescent orange. look at the coolest gradient ever.

2012 - 05/08
Old Risgraphique Prints #1

2012 - 04/06
Heute ist unsere neuste Farbe gekommen. Flurescent Pink. yeepiee! 2000 Blätter waren nötig um umzufärben, und die ersten Drucke sind hier zu sehen...

Duplicata - www.undemi.fr
A Live Bookmaking Event: «Duplicata» im Aufbauhaus, Berlin. Unser Riso und eine Xerox Maschine waren live dabei. Aus einem Archiv von eingesendeten Bildern konnte jeder Besucher eine Doppelseite mittels Xerox oder Risograph gestalten. Einzige mögliche Hilfsmittel waren Vergrößern, Verkleinern Duplizieren usw. Kein Computer, Keine Schere, kein Kleber. Eine analoge Herausforderung deren Ergebnisse dann direkt umgesetzt wurden. Es wurde unmittelbar vor Ort in einer Auflage von 60 gedruckt. Entweder auf dem Xerox, oder durch die vielen verschiedenen Farbmöglichkeiten des Risographen. Auch das Mischen der beiden Medien ist möglich gewesen. Das Ergebnis ist ein Buch aus 42 Doppelseiten die auf Anfrage bei www.undemi.fr erworben werden können.


Lahnstr. 75
12055 Berlin

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